RUST CREEK is a story about a young person’s first brush with mortality.  It is based on an original script by Julie Lipson and is directed by Jen McGowan (KELLY & CAL). 

Filmed entirely in Kentucky, RUST CREEK is produced by Stu Pollard, a native of Louisville. Stu has a nearly 20-year history creating content in the bluegrass state, from feature films (NICE GUYS SLEEP ALONE, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, SPLIT, PLEASED TO MEET ME, MEN GO TO BATTLE) to commercials for locally-based businesses. His commitment to filmmaking in his home state has created jobs for local crew, infused capital into the Commonwealth's economy, and provided mentorship to countless aspiring visual artists. 

While much has changed over those twenty years, one thing has not: Independent films still need a great deal of support to come to life.  This is why RUST CREEK has partnered with the Louisville Film Society for fiscal sponsorship. Anyone can now make a tax-deductible donation to the project at anytime in whatever amount they wish. Just click the button below to proceed.

Thank you for your interest in, and support for, RUST CREEK

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