Director: William M. Crouch


Fatherless is a sci-fi narrative short to be co-produced by LT4 Productions, LLC and MisterDuke Productions, LLC, with fiscal sponsorship from the Louisville Film Society.  The film tells the story of a young physicist who strives to develop time travel to fix his difficult childhood.  As he realizes that his theory may be more practical than he originally believed, he must choose between fixing his own past and changing the lives of others.

The dramatic struggle of Fatherless focuses on the epidemic of fatherlessness in America.  25 million children grow up without the influence of a paternal father, and still more function with a father who is only physically present but emotionally distant.  Dr. John Sowers notes in his book, Fatherless Generation: Reclaiming the Story, “Fatherlessness has now become the norm. … A story of grief and pain, of loneliness and rejection.  A story that desperately needs to be heard.”  Fatherless grants that story the opportunity to be heard.  Moreover, it opens conversation to discuss the responsibility of our generation to finally end this trend.  As demonstrated in the film, this can only be accomplished through strong mentoring of the fatherless and a drive within our generation to be the fathers we wish we had.

For more information on the production or the talented team bringing it to life, please visit the film’s website at www.LT4Films.com/Fatherless.