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The Butterfly Trees is a documentary feature filmed over the course of 8 years with footage shot across Canada, the United States and Mexico. This film has been made possible with the generous support of over one hundred people from across the continent.

Monarch butterflies – their beauty captivates us. We watch them fly from flower to flower, and our hearts flutter with them. They are symbols of strength, courage, and hope. Aside from being wonders in and of themselves, monarch butterflies remind us that everything in life is a miracle, and that we are all strands in the web.

The Butterfly Trees is a documentary feature film that captures the transcontinental journey of the eastern monarch butterflies on their epic migration from the forested shores of Southern Canada to the rare and ancient oyamel fir trees of Central Mexico.

Part science, part adventure, and part love story, the film is a captivating reflection on the profound mysteries of the natural world and the ties that irrevocably connect us all. The story weaves together a wondrous tapestry of stunning visuals, passion for discovery, and the eclectic mix of the people for whom these butterflies have become a life-long obsession.

Plants, trees, landforms, water, celestial bodies, weather, and even the seasons all become supporting characters that echo the planet’s ancient rhythms and remind us of the larger and mysterious world of which we are a part.   

Filled with allegory and poetic contemplations, The Butterfly Trees brings to the screen a universal story of life and the search for legacy and meaning by using the monarch migration as a poignant metaphor that embodies hope, transformation and connections that transcend borders.

The monarch butterfly is emblematic of our fragile and complex ecology. But the monarch is also a potent symbol for our individual life’s journey, intergenerational connection, and the quest for finding our place in this world.

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