Nickelodeon Nights: First Friday Trolley Hop

Fri, Feb 1, 2013 / 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm / Dreamland Film Center
Nickelodeon Nights: First Friday Trolley Hop

‘Nickelodeon Nights’ at the Dreamland Film Center

Every First Friday Trolley Hop

FREE Admission with a purchase of a concession

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, moviegoers of all shapes and spectacles; the Louisville Film Society presents Nickelodeon Nights at the Dreamland Film Center this Friday Feb 1st, during the First Friday Trolley Hop.   Come one, come all, to this fantastic, uncanny, rarely seen, out of this dimension, short film spectacle. For the entire evening, enjoy assorted short subjects – trailers, commercials, animated films, music videos, narrative delights, silent films – FREE with the purchase of a concession.

Pulling a page from the book of history, Dreamland Film Center will present over two hours of short films, including works by contemporary filmmakers Jesse Mclean and Zachary Trietz, each who have visited Dreamland within the past year. All this plus never before seen short subjects so beguiling their titles are too ambrosial to print here.

Our Assorted Subjects:

Exerts from Sigur Ros Valtari Film Experiment

Jesse Mclean’s Magic for Beginners

Zachary Trietz‘s We’re Leaving,  previous Sundance selection

Jim Henson’s Timepiece

& Wladyslaw Starewicz’s The Revenge of a Kinematograph Cameraman

and many more!