Buster Vs Charlie (Round One) w/ Your Friendly Neighborhood Big Band

Thu, Jan 10, 2013 / 7:15 pm - 10:00 pm / Dreamland Film Center
Buster Vs Charlie (Round One) w/ Your Friendly Neighborhood Big Band

$12 at door, $10 for members

Thursday Jan 10th – 7:15 pm

Friday Jan 11th – 7:15 pm & 10 pm

Saturday Jan 12th – 7:15 pm & 10 pm

History is filled with great rivalries. From Cain Vs Able to Coke Vs Pepsi, from Dogs Vs Cats to Godzilla Vs King Kong, rivalries are more than just competition, jealousy, or enmity. Rivalries offer the audience an opportunity to rally behind their beloved.

Dreamland Film Center is proud to announce another addition to this iconic field of study. Buster Vs Charlie is a 6-month series that profiles two of the greatest silent ear comedians. Each program contains four short films, two by each filmmaker, which will screen once a month from January through May. And to add extra punch to this series, each performance will be presented with live accompaniment featuring a few of Louisville’s the most electrifying performers.

Is Buster more daring when concerning stunts, or is Charlie simply a more inventive director? Is Charlie’s approach old fashioned and mawkish when compared to Buster’s modernist style? The only way to find out is too see for yourself, this spring at Dreamland Film Center.

Program One  

With Live Accompaniment by Your Friendly Neighborhood Big Band

Neighbors – Buster Keaton (1920)

The Bank – Charlie Chaplin (1915)

Cops – Buster Keaton (1922)

East Street – Charlie Chaplin (1922)

Scored by composer and conductor Joe Dunn, Your Friendly Neighborhood Big Band is a fourteen piece orchestra featuring saxes, trombones, tubas, trumpets, clarinets, guitars, keyboards, drums and bass.