KY Place is an independently produced web series that tells the story of Kentucky and Kentuckians. The series encourages and facilitates conversations about relevant issues, without shying from taboos. It asks questions and seeks answers, while understanding that sometimes there are none.

Created on a zero-dollar budget, the first four episodes of KY Place were produced by a staff of volunteers using borrowed equipment from the University of Louisville. The series is a pilot project under fiscal sponsorship from Louisville Film Society; the mission is to take it across Kentucky and produce episodes that further explore the people and cultures that make our state unique.

A place well known for bourbon, coal mining, horse racing, and fried chicken, the Bluegrass State has become a folksy centerpiece on the national stage that is commonly misunderstood. This series aims to utilize social media and the sharable nature of online communication to shatter stereotypes and show that this state—like many places around the world—is complex, diverse, and beautiful.

In just four episodes, we spoke with sixteen individuals who brought their experiences, ideas, and solutions to the table; recognizing both the traditions that bring us together and the obstacles that hold us back. As a proof of concept, KY Place demonstrates how locally-produced media could function as a catalyst for open discussions—both for Kentuckians and for people facing similar challenges elsewhere.

Looking ahead, the future of this series will go where Kentucky goes. Square dancing, Bluegrass music, mountaintop removal mining, or a soon-to-be Noah’s Ark theme park are all topics open to inquiry. Consider donating to KY Place and your tax-deductible contribution will help further production of this series.

Progress starts on the community level, and communities grow when neighbors talk to one another. KY Place is the story of those conversations.

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